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Name WorldBox - Sandbox God Simulat
Package com.mkarpenko.worldbox
Publisher Maxim Karpenko
Category Simulation
Version 0.14.5
Size 54M
Requires Android Android 5.0 Can play offline
MOD Features No
Updated On
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About WorldBox MOD

To experience the diversity of this huge world that we live in, to understand the convoluted levels of its complexity, dimensions and its drivers is practically impossible for all of us alike. However, the technological revolution has emerged with a probability to give us a light and a dim understanding of how the world may actually work through WorldBox.

  1. About WorldBox MOD
  2. Features
  3. Build a World of Your Own
  4. Build Civilizations
  5. Audio and Graphics
  6. Other Mod Features:
  7. FAQs
  8. What is the purpose of game?
  9. How to play Worldbox mod?
  10. Final Verdict

WorldBox MOD apk is a project developed by Maxim Karpenko in 2018. It makes you go through the delicate process of world-creation by letting you create a world of your own based on your strategic abilities. A world which may potentially have everything that the real world possesses. From Mountains, ocreans, forests, islands, countries to flora and fauna of all kinds thriving in them. Here you will have a glimpse of how the world is orchestrated by God Almighty.


Build a World of Your Own

In WorldBox Mod apk, while you set river and ocean systems, mountains, and woodlands in your fantasy world, remember that you are building the entire globe from scratch. You can create charming, tranquil towns, cities, and villages at will. WorldBox has similarities with the SimCity BuildIt  game. Within your planet, you can build kingdoms and empires. Then you can breed creatures, and they will naturally generate new members of their species, turning your world into an evergreen one.

Build Civilizations

As the world is populated with various species, they grow in numbers to become a whole civilization each. You can choose who shall represent you among all those civilizations. They all have different beliefs and culture values and are resided in different settlements that you assign them. Humans, orc, flora and fauna, they all represent a unique civility. There may be circumstances when they conflict, in fact oftenly and you can even initiate conflicts yourself, but that is part of the game. You will have a lot of fun dealing them.

Audio and Graphics

The game has 2D graphics to show its audience so the application not being a plus can easily be understood. However since it’s a pixel game with a more focused and entertaining gameplay and can be played on most devices regardless, it’s worth spending your quality time playing it.

Other Mod Features:

  • In-App purchases are now removed for your convenience.
  • Ads are removed from the app so you no longer get disturbed.
  • It has very simple and user-friendly control methods.
  • All disasters from Volcanic eruption, acid rains, zombie-attacks, heatwaves to earthquakes, incurable diseases, underground worms and plagues are all unlocked.
  • In WorldBox Mod apk, you have the access to all the restricted features.
  •  In-App purchases are now removed for your convenience.
  • You can download it to play free of cost.


What is the purpose of game?

  • The game does not have an explicit objective. Build a world you want and experience the considerable diversity that exists within.
  • How to destroy a tornado?
  • Shower the divine light on it, and the tornado will cease eventually..
  • Is Worldbox Mod a Multiplayer?
  • No unfortunately. It currently has single-player mode to offer only and cannot be played in a multiplayer.

How to play Worldbox mod?

To play this game, you need a device, a stable internet connection and creativity skills. That’s it. You can download and start playing right away.

Final Verdict

A fantasy simulator with a self-created world based on the rules you devise yourself, WorldBox MOD apk lets you have a look at how everything created by you that inhabits that world evolves gradually. You can also perform the act of nuking your world through sending in orcs, barbarians or by natural disasters in order to get a brief sense of what the doomsday may possibly look like.

It is a modification of the original WorldBox sandbox application and thus has all the restricted features unlocked to play for free.

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