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Name MX Player
Publisher Mx Media (formerly J2 Interactive)
Category Video Players
Version 1.50.8
Size 61.0 MB
Requires Android Android 5.0 & Above
MOD Features Full Unlocked, No Ads
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Almost all free video players include advertisements. When streaming your favorite videos, you cannot remove unwanted advertisements. MX Player Pro doesn’t display advertisements. This ad-free version of such MX Player MOD APK is a robust video player superior to other preloaded players. However, customers must pay a fee to access the Pro version.

  1. What Exactly Is MX Player Mod Apk?
  2. Features:
  3. Network Stream Reproduction:
  4. The Audio Resumes:
  5. Background Music Performance:
  6. Kids Lock Mode:
  7. Watch Videos Online:
  8. Hide Files & Folders:
  9. Play In The Background (Audio/Video):
  10. Video Hide:
  11. Mp3 Sound Play:
  12. Advertisement Free:
  13. FAQS:
  14. How is MX Player as well as MX Player Pro different?
  15. How do I utilize MX Player?
  16. Why won’t MX Player Pro install?
  17. Is MX Player Pro available for free?
  18. Conclusion:

In this article, I will provide a direct download link for the MX Player Mod APK, from which you may get the premium version of such software for free. Learn how to get MX Player Mod APK by reading on.

What Exactly Is MX Player Mod Apk?

Numerous video programs are available on the market, making it difficult to pick a decent one. Select MX Player MOD APK if you want a high-quality player that is simple to use and supports most formats. Install this application on your Android device to view videos. With the MX Player pro mod Apk application, which is among the most popular app for watching media files, you may watch your films effortlessly. You may also like Alight Motion seems to be the best motion graphics, film graphics, and professional video processing app for your smartphone.

This user-friendly application enables you to watch your films with ease. Unfortunately, this software cannot alter the video playback level. The tool also supports many subtitle formats; you may adjust the text’s color and size as desired. Using this application, you may create a constant state between audio and video playing.

Slow down the picture if you want the video to play mostly in the background while doing anything else. If you wish to view an external video with subtitles, you may change and slow down the audio playing speed so that it combines well with subtitles, and you can watch and enjoy the film easily.


Network Stream Reproduction:

If you know the direct URL, MX Player could stream video files across the internet, for instance, from cloud storage. It cannot broadcast from sites such as YouTube without a great deal of complicated manipulation.

The Audio Resumes:

If you shut the app or pause playing during a video and return to it later, MX Player may either restart from where it left off or start from the beginning. It will ask which option you want.

Background Music Performance:

Enable this option, and MX Player will continue to play your video. However, dismissing the application or moving to another task enables you to listen while composing a text message or browsing the web.

Kids Lock Mode:

It is useful when you need to play a movie for your children without them being able to access other applications, make phone calls, etc.

Watch Videos Online:

Previously a video player tool, MX Player is now a highly sought-after video streaming application. Users can play movies on Android and iOS smartphones with this application. With an internet connection, viewing online movies, web series, etc., is possible.

Hide Files & Folders:

You may conceal any files and directories using MX Player. There is certainly something intimate in our lives that we like to keep concealed from others. You can effortlessly conceal any of your documents or folders with MX Player Pro APK, so you no longer need to be concerned.

Play In The Background (Audio/Video):

It is a feature that practically all users need. When viewing our great event, movie, or web series, we often get an important notice that we need to check; however, we want to see the video. It is where background play comes into play.

Video Hide:

MX Player Pro allows you to conceal any MXP folder. You must update the film’s title or folder by adding it to the beginning of the name.

Mp3 Sound Play:

There are plenty of such songs which people like listening to repeatedly. Therefore, a function of the MX Pro app enables you to convert any of your favorite songs to audio and listen to them again. Because listening to the same song several times in a video significantly consumes your battery, MX Player Pro includes the capability to convert the film song to audio.

Most users get MX Player MOD APK to view movies uninterrupted by advertisements. Additionally, it is a premium feature requiring a paid subscription. However, when you install MX Player Unlocked APK, you will obtain it for free and be able to view movies without interruption from advertisements.


How is MX Player as well as MX Player Pro different?

MX Player, as well as MX Player Pro, is similar. MX Player Pro APK includes capabilities that are unavailable in MX Player. Additionally, you may see films without advertisements and much more. As we’ve mentioned before,

How do I utilize MX Player?

MX Player Pro requires the installation of the MX Player MOD APK. After installing MX Player MOD, you may view your favorite videos without advertisements.

Why won’t MX Player Pro install?

You may have unknown source settings activated on your Android phone, or your phone is incompatible with this MX player. Compare the given information to your phone.

Is MX Player Pro available for free?

Yes, MX Player APK is entirely gratis. There is no cost associated with downloading and installing MX Player APK.


You must download the MX Player MOD APK files through our website on your mobile device. Therefore, this is the greatest software for viewing free online videos and films. I hope you enjoy it. MX Player Pro Mod APK may notify you of the information you can provide via comments. And if you have trouble getting the MX Apk or have any other questions, feel free to ask and comment!

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