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Name Instander
Publisher Dmitry Gavrilov
Category Social
Size 54.1 MB
Requires Android 4.1 & Above
MOD Features Unlocked - Clone Version
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Instander Apk is an Instamod for Android smartphones that may help you get additional functionality, such as downloading photographs and movies and avoiding adverts. As is common knowledge, Instagram is a captivating social media tool that has shrunk the globe into a village. This platform links people, organizations, and enterprises throughout the globe. The majority of apps lack safety and security.In addition to providing more features, Instander APK offers a secure and trustworthy platform. This app delivers high-quality Instagram captions and extra functionality not seen in the original application.

  1. What is Instander APK?
  2. Features:
  3. Hide your Stories:
  4. Share Your Experiences:
  5. Ads-free:
  6. Explore Unlimited Content:
  7. Deactivate Analytics:
  8. Ghost Mode:
  9. High-Quality Material:
  10. FAQS:
  11. What is the function of an Instander?
  12. Is Instander nicer than Instagram?
  13. Is Instander safe?
  14. Conclusion

What is Instander APK?

  • Are you aware that you cannot download media files, including Instagram videos or photographs, without a downloader? Or why you can’t be mysterious on other people’s tales and posts by ghosting? Or even how it is impossible to get a verification badge without a tedious and time-consuming procedure and a tour of your life on the Network? These are but a handful of the few concerns that often plague Instagram’s original application users.
  • Instander APK is an Instamod for Android smartphones that provides Instagram users with access to additional useful capabilities that may aid in resolving the concerns above.  There are a lot of great modded apps for Instagram available like Insta Pro. As an alternative to the standard IG application, this application provides you with access to your Instagram profile using this platform. You get the greatest social experience in exchange for unlocking the official app’s fantastic features.


Hide your Stories:

We often share our daily personal “Stories” on Instagram. You may print words, a live stream, photographs from our picnic, or anything else. Therefore, we only want to share it with some of our followers or strangers added to our friend list. Using the app and allowing just a small number of individuals to see your tales, your privacy is maintained inviolately. In contrast, you may see the tales of other contacts without informing them and while turning off your visibility.

Share Your Experiences:

You may also share your tales on other sites, such as Facebook, and directly with your friends. Your connections could also utilize the content and tales you share. It is typical of social-sharing applications. However, some of our writings and tales are so insightful that we want them to be kept from other contacts. In the settings menu, disable the function and prevent them from sharing it.


Multiple advertisements irritate us as we read through content uploaded by our connections that we find interesting. We cannot disable them from our Instagram feed, which might lead to data use. Utilize Instander’s ad-free platform and effortlessly remove adverts through the privacy settings.

Explore Unlimited Content:

IGTV provides nonstop amusement via the viewing of various video and picture formats. By following them, you may see trending videos, including videos of important personalities throughout the globe. Use the search feature to access boundless shared material, such as DIY videos, Travel content, Food photos, Art, Styles, TV & Movies, Sports, Politics news, and much more.

Deactivate Analytics:

Disable publishing statistics and insights if you are associated with an enterprise account. On it, you may also learn about your daily activities, although the app may crash if the creators are too busy to address the problem. Go to “Privacy Settings” to quickly disable the function.

Ghost Mode:

It is an attractive prospect for those who like living in suspicious circumstances. You may use this function to hide the ‘typing text’ state, watch others’ tales without informing them, utilize ‘don’t mark immediately read’ for reading messages, etc.

High-Quality Material:

The photographs on the official account are compressed, reducing their quality. Instander provides the option to preserve quality using the ‘Photos in maximum quality’ function. You may use this function to improve the quality of IGTV, Photos, Reels, and Stories. Observe pictures in high definition and use high-definition graphics while posting your tales and photographs.


What is the function of an Instander?

Instander is indeed a free Android application that modifies Instagram. It features several improvements compared to the original apk. Numerous enhancements in Instander provide the user an advantage over all the other Instagram users.

Is Instander nicer than Instagram?

I would advise Instander. It offers capabilities such as downloading photographs and reels, viewing photos in maximum resolution, ghost mode, and frequent OTA updates. Instander is quicker than Instagram. In addition, the application is ad-free and has the option to deactivate analytics.

Is Instander safe?

Yes, it is extremely safe, and the best part is that there are no advertisements. I already have it, and the Instagram app installed.


Using the Instander Apk for your Android phone, you may express yourself and communicate with all of your friends. On the top social media network, there are some fresh and outstanding features to discover. You control everything on your account. If you have any doubts or questions, you may write below in the comment section.