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Name InShot Pro
Package com.camerasideas.instashot
Publisher Inshot Video Editor
Category Photography
Version 1.872.1386
Size 46.7 MB
Requires Android 5.0 and up
MOD Features Fully Unlocked
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Inshot Pro Mod Apk

We are pleased to introduce Inshot Pro Mod Apk for Android, the all-in-one video and picture editing application. Inshot Pro is a robust Android application for video and photo editing. Since its inception in 2004, Inshot Pro has garnered hundreds of millions of users and quickly became the most popular editing app on Google Play. Inshot Pro APK provides incredible filters for combining films, presentations, video effects, editing text, etc. It gives you access to all premium and professional video editing options. Create beautiful films with engaging material that will encourage visitors to watch your videos for extended periods. In short offers powerful effects, video effects, glitches, and more.

  1. Inshot Pro Mod Apk
  2. What exactly is Insta Pro Apk?
  3. Features:
  4. Unique And Incredible Images:
  5. Incredible Sound Effects:
  6. Simple Controls:
  7. Unlock Premium Features:
  8. Video Editing With Simple Steps:
  9. Select The Video Quality:
  10. Enjoy Excellent Video Filters:
  11. Add Text During Video Editing:
  12. Control Momentum:
  13. Upload Your Videos:
  14. Utilized By Anyone:
  15. Modem Method Of Editing:
  16. Easily Upload Photos & Videos:
  17. Transitions:
  18. Utilize Animations:
  19. FAQS:
  20. What’s the maximum file size for inShot Pro?
  21. Why Do People Use Inshot?
  22. Can I use an overlaying in the Inshot app?
  23. Conclusion:

What exactly is Insta Pro Apk?

Inshot Pro Mod Apk is the greatest and most popular video editing tool for Android smartphones. This app was developed by, a company that creates exceptional editing applications. The capabilities provided by Inshot Pro APK make it one of the best video editing apps, making it one of the best. It offers outstanding filters, video trimming and merging, slideshow creation, video effects, and more. Inshot Pro has over 100 million downloads and is among the highest-rated [4.8] video editing apps on Google Play.

The InShot Pro Mod APK (Unlocked) is a fantastic and user-friendly video editing application. It enables you to edit, trim, add effects, and add music to your videos. Using a wide variety of premium features such as Animations, Transitions, add Text, Stickers, and much more, as well as other skilled editing tools, you may add many visual effects to your movie to make it more captivating. InShot Pro is a modified version of the initial Inshot Pro APK that gives free premium features. You can also use Picsart to get the above paid features. It offers InShot Mod APK with no watermark and no advertisements. Additionally, you may utilize all restricted features of this application.You may also like Alight Motion


Unique And Incredible Images:

Because every item in the program is built using the 3D graphics approach, the greatest high-definition graphics make it more appealing.

Incredible Sound Effects:

The app provides the highest-quality sound. While editing videos, you can pick and add your own sound effects.

Simple Controls:

The game’s controls are intuitive and straightforward so that anybody can understand them. Even if you are a novice, you can execute all functions and easily use all features.

Unlock Premium Features:

By installing the mod APK of inshot Pro, you may utilize the premium features for free; however, in the original version of the app, you must spend a huge sum to unlock even a single premium feature.

Video Editing With Simple Steps:

With Inshot Pro Mod Apk, you may edit your films in a few easy steps. You must choose the video clips or photographs you wish to use and then set their durations to create a film. Following this, apply animations to each clip. Then, pick the desired sound effect. Click the export option to save the image to your mobile device’s gallery.

Select The Video Quality:

When exporting a video, you have the choice to save the file in low, medium, as well as high quality. Choose the choice according to your preferences; we recommend exporting the movies in HD resolution for the best results.

Enjoy Excellent Video Filters:

The main feature of Inshot pro is the ability to add fantastic and outstanding video effects that take your films to the next level of attractiveness. You may choose the appropriate effect to make your video different and remarkable.

Add Text During Video Editing:

You may also add text to your movies as captions to make them more intelligible if you create an instructional film or deliver an essential message.

Control Momentum:

Inshot Pro also allows you to adjust the pace of your video recordings according to your preferences. You may adjust the playback speed of your videos. Using this function of inshot, you may create the greatest slow-motion films.

Upload Your Videos:

After creating or editing movies in this app, you can quickly share them with your friends by clicking the share button and selecting the application you like to share with. Then select the contact you wish to share the video with.

Utilized By Anyone:

You may edit your movies using the app on any PC or mobile device, much like a professional inshot video editor. Even a novice may quickly utilize and comprehend all of its capabilities. Upload the video clips or photographs to conduct various procedures on them and get spectacular results.

Modem Method Of Editing:

It takes video editing to a level of sophistication that will amaze you when you begin using it to edit your videos.

Easily Upload Photos & Videos:

You may quickly import video clips and images into this app by launching the application, selecting the video/collage/video option, clicking the new button, and selecting the clips you want to modify and add to your project.


You may also use transitions to make the video more captivating and lovely. A transition is a motion that occurs as one clip moves towards another. Therefore, you should use transitions that complement your video effects.

Utilize Animations:

The finest feature is the ability to add animations to your slides. It produces a seamless transition from one clip to the next.


What’s the maximum file size for inShot Pro?

When you purchase the paid version, you are not limited in any way and can fully use all of the capabilities.

Why Do People Use Inshot?

The app is used to edit videos on android devices. A wide variety of transitions, effects, and animations are available for use in the video editor.

Can I use an overlaying in the Inshot app?

You can overlay photographs or films on top of one another; thus, the answer is yes.


In sum, this Inshot Pro Mod Apk is the excellent option if you’re looking for a high-quality video editor for your Android smartphone. With this simple app, even someone with little expertise in the field may edit videos professionally. Don’t hesitate; to download this fantastic app, and you’ll have access to all the pro tools you need to edit your videos.


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