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Name Gacha Life
Publisher Lunime
Category Casual
Version 1.1.4
Size 104.38 MB
Requires Android Android 4.0+
MOD Features Unlimited Money
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Gacha Life MOD is a fantastic game developed to bring out the fashionista inside you. Try out plenty of costumes on your favourite characters available. Change their hairstyles, pick the way they should look and pose and once you are finished designing your avatars, land them onto the battlefield so they can defeat your enemies on the pitch. With the powerful weapons you wield them with, they are ready to not just take on them but also win you over them.

  1. Introduction
  2. Customization of Characters:
  3. Studio Mode:
  4. Life Mode:
  5. Gacha Mode:
  6. Graphics
  7. Features
  8. Conclusion

Customization of Characters:

  • You can create unique anime characters through the process of customization. There are 20 character spots available for you to use and build your own little community. You can make it stand out by dressing them in the newest trends.
  • Gacha Life MOD apk has loads of features that were absent from earlier versions of the game created by the same team. The creativity in Gacha Life’s inventory needs to be appreciated big time!
  • You can not just alter the clothing of your characters but also mouth, eyes, hair, and other traits, as well as their facial features!

Studio Mode:

In the next step you can create your story in Studio Mode. With each of your characters, you are able to create a new scene. Text bubbles can be added to your various characters in order to produce intriguing stories that everyone will appreciate.You may also blend various scenes using the Skit Maker tool. A whole new world as a result is crafted to engage within! Utilize this mode to exercise your creativity and create stories of your own.

Life Mode:

You can engage with all of the various features of Gacha universe in Life Mode of the game. Talk to different NPCs on platform to find out more about their individual histories and stories.

Gacha Mode:

Main part for a gamer takes place here in the Gacha mode. For you to have fun, you are allowed to play 8 mini games and spend your time playing them for good. Play and earn countless awards and prizes. There are also mini games to play and enjoy in the Plus Gacha Life, such as Gacha Neon.


The entire Gacha Life MOD apk application experience in 2D with the graphics having a sweet anime aesthetic feel. Given that Gacha is the name given to Japanese toy machines, this is quite suitable also. The HD-quality images are clear and very detailed. Every story is interesting and fascinating thanks to the diverse and colourful ensembly of characters you can develop.


  • You can attire your avatars based on your own imagination. Customize their appearance minutely with the help of all the tools at your disposal.
  • Life mode in Gacha Life MOD apk does not require an internet connection and you can play it offline.
  • The Mod version of the game allows you to quickly earn rewards and prizes so you can make progress in the game without wasting the precious time of yours.
  • All in all, the best thing about the application is still to come. You can play such an iconic game without having to pay a single penny. Yes, you heard it absolutely right. There are no charges whatsoever for you to play and enjoy it.

You may suggest it to your friends also and have fun together


The application could lag if you have some old device in usage. You should restart in case this happens.

Counting all the features Gacha Neon MOD apk offers, it’s hard to restrict yourself from not playing such a top-notch and high-quality game. It would be a top addition to your gaming library without a second of doubt. The decision now is all in your court. Don’t miss on it and download it now.

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