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Name FaceApp Pro
Package io.faceapp
Publisher Faceapp Technology Ltd
Category Photography
Version 11.0.2
Size 43.0 MB
Requires Android Android 7.0
MOD Features Pro Unlocked
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FaceApp Pro Mod Apk

FaceApp Pro Mod Apk is among the most excellent AI picture-editing mobile applications. Among the most popular applications with over 1.5 billion downloads will transform your selfie into a modeling image. No more needless taps on the screen! FaceApp provides all the tools necessary to produce Instagram-worthy edits for free.

  1. FaceApp Pro Mod Apk
  2. What Exactly Is FaceApp Mod APK?
  3. Features:
  4. Unlocked Pro:
  5. No Watermark:
  6. Unlimited Filters:
  7. Hollywood Filter:
  8. Fashion and Hair Color:
  9. Age Changer:
  10. Beard & Mustache:
  11. Bollywood, as well as Hollywood filters:
  12. FAQS:
  13. Is face app pro mod apk risk-free?
  14. Can FaceApp pro features be used for free?
  15. Will this app take my data?
  16. Conclusion:

Utilize a superb collection of AI filters, backdrops, effects, and other tools to make a seamless, lifelike edit with a single tap. You will never again have to spend several hours editing photographs!

What Exactly Is FaceApp Mod APK?

If you are a human, you might seem to be an older adult with a face that reflects your age. The best app that displays your age so you can entirely alter your appearance is the best app that displays your age. FaceApp Pro Mod Apk is a picture editing application that can often alter a person’s face.

The software has been changed to the mode version, even with premium features enabled, as the greatest methods to alter your Town face since the free version lacks these face capabilities. Thus, in this premium edition, you have been provided with a great method for changing your face, which utilizes our modified version, allowing you to alter your appearance.

If you are a female, you may become remarkable by altering your hairstyle, transforming your face to that of a kid, or assuming old age.

Downloadable FaceApp Apk for face-to-face communication is now available for your phone. And by utilizing it, you may enhance your picture editing skills. This app allows for modifying nerve picture-altering procedures, such as hairdo changes. The most famous Android application for editing that has quickly gained considerable popularity? Today, this application is growing more popular on social networks. You may also like  VSCO it is an app for picture editing, Because of its user-friendly and intuitive design.

Faceapp App is a photo etching application for Android. In recent days, social media has become quite popular. Those who use this app, However, at the present moment, this application will indeed be your face in the approaching old age; social media are becoming more viral. Let us know if you can significantly alter your photographs. Check PicsArt is the queen of editing programs for photographers. It features Pro-level editing controls that are exclusive to PC photo editors.


Unlocked Pro:

This app’s premium features are accessible in the free plan of this APK. With a few mouse clicks, you can quickly produce a snapshot that will appeal to your loved ones. This app will provide you with a wonderful look. What are you waiting for, then? Install this application now!

No Watermark:

You’ve noticed that when you click on any picture using Faceapp APK, you must display the Watermark notification. If you install Faceapp Pro APK, there will be no watermark on your photos. This app allows you to click easily, modify, and share images without a watermark.

Unlimited Filters:

FaceApp PRO provides access to an endless number of filters. Using these filters, you can easily alter and improve the appearance of any of your photographs. FaceApp Pro Mod Apk is hence quite popular among people.

Hollywood Filter:

Would you like to give your photographs a Hollywood feel? If yes, then FaceApp Pro Mod APK makes it feasible. Using this app, you may give your picture a Hollywood flair.

Fashion and Hair Color:

Style and Hair Color are two important aspects of this Mod APK. Using this best app, you can easily give your shot a wonderful appearance. Furthermore, it enhances the social experience. Therefore, please install this app.

Age Changer:

It is the application’s most popular feature. This application allows you to alter your age easily. By upgrading your age, you might go from youngster to older or vice versa. It is a useful function of this app.

Beard & Mustache:

This app allows you to easily add a beard and mustache to your shot, giving you a beautiful appearance. Installing this app will offer you a stunning appearance via editing. It will offer you a dashing appearance.

Bollywood, as well as Hollywood filters:

  • It is only possible to utilize this pro version with the FaceApp pro mod apk, enabling you to create Hollywood and Bollywood appearances. Therefore, get the face app pro-APK and utilize every pro function.
  • Change background It has recently introduced additional capabilities, such as the ability to change the background whenever you click your picture and import it into the app. Still, you may modify the backdrop color and background as you see fit; hence, in the Pro edition, many has included options to change the location, select any of your frames, and choose the optimal setting.


Is face app pro mod apk risk-free?

Yes, friends, it is safe; this app is unquestionably secure since millions of users have unlocked all the premium features in the mode version and shared them with you for free.

Can FaceApp pro features be used for free?

Yes, friends, it is safe; this app is unquestionably secure since millions of users have unlocked all the premium features in the free version and shared them with you for free.

Will this app take my data?

No, it isn’t going to steal your data since it is officially accessible via FaceApp; upload the picture using your camera’s upload option and then utilize FaceApp.


Now, all of the FaceApp Pro Mod Apk premium services are available for free. You may enjoy all the enjoyable and remarkable events alone or with others. Download the FaceApp APK for your Smartphone to get started.

Make your photographs unique and applicable in every circumstance! Consequently, your results will lack the app’s signature. It indicates that you are receiving the FaceApp Pro APK without a watermark.

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